In celebration of Caribbean-American Heritage month, RACA has teamed up with the Blogging While Brown conference to host our first ever blog carnival.

In our original call for submissions (click here to view), we asked for submissions in one of four categories: J’Ouvert, Fetes, Playing Mas and Kiddie Carnival. Submissions are being accepted through the end of June, so if you have an idea for a post brewing, get on it!

Make sure to check this page regularly for new additions throughout June.

Also, please join us on June 10th at 8:00pm EST for our Caribbean-American twitter chat. Be sure to use the hashtag #CaribAmeriBWB to take part in the conversation.

And now, without further ado, let de bacchanal begin!


Nothing but fun, good vibes and bacchanal.

J’ouvert in Brooklyn by (Im)Migrating with a Purpose

Red Beans and Rice by Brenda Fadeyibi of Cake and Eggs

Have You Had a J’Ouvert Experience? by Jen Lawrence-Snipes of Jael Custom Designs

 Mommy Mash Up Di Party by Kerry-Ann Reid-Brown of Carry On Friends

Partygoers. Photo by: Kermit

Exploring the music, dance and fashion culture of our community.

Pleasure Principle: Female Dancehall Artists, Sexuality, & Satisfaction. by Bee Quammie of ’83 to Infinity


Dylan Paul as Midnight Robber. Photo by: Maria Nunes. Bklyn mas players. Photo by: E. Maitland

Examining the cultural, historical and political issues relevant to our community. Celebrating the good times, adventure and business of Caribbean carnivals.

Toronto Carnival: Culture vs Corporate by Amy Juicebox for Now a Word Or Two

West Indian vs. American: The Identity Crisis by Jamal A. Potter

Memories of Trinidad Carnival by Gloria Blizzard for Anancy Magazine.

Where’s the Immigration Reform Coalition in the Caribbean Community? by Kerry-Ann Reid-Brown for Carry On Friends

11 Things to Know About Caribbean People in the USA by Jacqueline L. Scott for Anancy Magazine

Caribbean family. Junior mas players at 2011 Caribana. Photo by: George Socka

Caribbean family. Junior mas player at 2011 Caribana. Photo by: George Socka

Celebrating the dynamics of the Caribbean-American family. Exploring the lives of our children.

Caribbean Mother’s Day by Sylvia Wong Lewis for Narrative Network

Trinidad and Tobago Flag Kids Nail Tutorial by Eva Wilson of

Caribbean Genealogy Archives, Registry Offices by Sylvia Wong Lewis for Narrative Network