In celebration of Caribbean-American Heritage month, RACA is hosting our 2nd annual blog carnival with the theme of EVOLUTION.

In our original call for submissions (click here to view), we requested submissions in one of four categories: J’Ouvert Morning, We Fetin’, Ol’ Mas and Kiddie Carnival.  Submissions are being accepted through the end of June, so if you have an idea for a post brewing, get on it!

Make sure to check this page regularly for new additions throughout the month.

And now, without further ado, let de bacchanal begin!

jouvet2The evolution of pure fun, uninhibited good times and the sheer bacchanal that punctuates the Caribbean-American experience!

The Atmosphere Have Vibes…My First J’Ouvert Experience by JoAnna of

[Mas Unmasked] Chronicles of a First Time Mas Player by Amy Juicebox of [Now a World or Two]

masThe exploration of the cultural, historical and political evolution of the Caribbean-American community.

Why I Love to Love and Hate to Love West Indian Men by the grrrl behind Creative Commess

What is a Plantain? The Importance of Cultural Retention in the Caribbean Diaspora by Cherise Charleswell, BA, MPH

5 Ways to Celebrate Caribbean-American Heritage Month by Mikelah Rose of Style & Vibes

Carry On Friends Podcast Episode 14: Celebrate Caribbean-American Heritage Month w/Alysia Christiani by Kerry-Ann  of Carry On Friends