Author: Alysia S. Christiani

RACA Recap: Black History Month 2017

Growing up, black history month wasn’t a big deal to me. In elementary school teachers dusted off the annual lessons on Martin Luther King Jr., Fredrick Douglas and Rosa Parks. We recited poems at assembly and colored pictures of BHM notables for display on the bulletin board. Come March 1st it was all taken down and we were back to our regular curriculum. As I got older, I began to better understand and appreciate the struggle we as a people have been through in this country. It was a strange understanding since, as a child of Guyanese immigrants, I...

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The Return of The Timehri Film Festival

Guyana. A small country nestled between the Atlantic Ocean, Venezula, Suriname and Brazil. Geographically South American but culturally Caribbean, this nation of just under 1 million people is famous (and infamous) for many things. From the beautiful Kaieteur Falls and lush rainforests which play host to eco-tourists from around the world, the terrible Jonestown tragedy that still haunts the country’s history to the most recent oil find just off of the coast, bringing international interest in this potential new source of energy and revenue. But now Guyana is poised to make an impact in an area previously dominated by...

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RACA Review: Moonlight & Masculinity

Moonlight, the stunning new film by writer/director Barry Jenkins, first came to my attention via Facebook. Ads for upcoming screenings were popping up on my timeline and though I wasn’t quite sure what the film was about, the image of Mahershala Ali holding Alex Hibbert in his arms as they stand in the ocean moved me. In support of black film and in anticipation of a story that centered the black male experience, I immediately purchased tickets to the next NYC screening. By the time the screening rolled around, I had seen the film’s trailer several times and read...

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Trini Animated Series ‘Big Man Dan’ Readies for it’s Debut

There is a wealth of new and upcoming creative talent in the Caribbean. One of the women at the forefront of this wave is is Ms. Ayana Harper. A self described Euro-Trini, Ayana was born in France to Trinidadian parents. It was there that she discovered her passion for film and, after graduating from EICAR, the International Film School of Paris, became a film editor. Fast forward a few years, and Ayana is now living in Trinidad and working as the lead editor for both the Caribbean Film Academy in Brooklyn, NY and at Define Studios in Macoya, Trinidad....

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Ah Who Dat? Episode 1 – British-Guyanese Journalist Carinya Sharples

One of my favorite ways to pass the time is in conversation with  interesting people. Exploring new ideas, laughing and learning while each of us shares our unique experiences with the other. In my journey with RACA I’ve had the opportunity to meet and converse with many cool and interesting people in the Caribbean diaspora. And now I want to share those conversations with you in my newest project, Ah Who Dat? Hosted by myself, Ah Who Dat? is a bi-monthly conversation with various members of the Caribbean diaspora. From the arts and technology to science and social justice...

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