Ok, so I’m a dollar van heading down Utica Ave. The driver’s got like 10 video screens all up and through the joint. He pops in a passa passa dvd just as we pull off and I get giddy. Me ain’t know the last time I been to a party. So I’m excited to see what the latest dances are. Maybe ‘Milk the Cow’ or ‘Take out the Trash’ will be the next craze to sweep the clubs. LOL. Anyway, the tape start and….WHAT THE HELL???!!

I must be getting old. Cuz I was thoroughly disgusted by what I saw. What show pon de screen was NOT dancing. It was gymnastic simulated sex, set to music. I mean, it was really outta control. Dudes were throwing girls and it was all skinnin’ out and humping. No dancing at all.

Is it just me? Am I crazy? And I couldn’t escape it. Not with his 27 video screens all over the vehicle. I mean, girls with no panties and super short skirts doing splits and booty clappin’. Negroes just pounding them.. I felt sick.

Gyal skin out!

Gyal skin out!

Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m no prude. Me love a dark corner in de party, posted up on the wall, whining up on me man deh. But I was never one for the chick in the middle of the dance floor, whining up sheself nasty while 6 dudes surround her to watch her booty and breasts jiggle. She think she look hot when she just look like a damn fool.

I know Caribbean dance and music is infused with tons of sensual/sexual innuendo. That sexy sway, slow whining hips, skinning out, backing it up on ya man. All standard. Have you listened to the lyrics of most dancehall tracks? Even soca, reggae and calypso is filled with sly sexual innuendo if not plain outright singing about the horizontal bop. Only conscious music will leave the slackness at home. You grow up with it. It’s no big deal. You roll your eyes and sigh as all your aunts and uncles start whining at your mother’s 50th bday party. It’s damn near normal. To an extent.

What going on now with this passa passa craze is madness. An excuse for folks to wile out and be nasty under the guise of just having fun. Not me. I’ll take my Shandy to the back of the club and when my favorite old skool jam comes on, me and me man will act the fool in we dark corner. Save the spotlight for dem foolish gyal dutty whinin’ in the middle of the dance.

Editor’s Note: I once had a video showing an example of a slack passa passa party in this post but reviewing it prior to relaunching this site made me sick. So decided to remove it. Feel free to search YouTube if you need to see an example of this.

How do you feel about passa passa and the daggering style of dance? Is it all just good fun? A simple evolution of traditional wining? Is it here to stay or just a passing fad on the dancehall scene? Am I just being an old fuddy duddy and need to chillax? Tell me nuh?!