Sunday 9/27/15

Well, all good things must come to an end. After almost a week packed full of activities, I spent my last day of the festival in the most perfect way possible. Chilling at Maracas Beach. TTFF staff not only organized screenings, panel discussions and workshops but also plenty of downtime activities for its participants. So on Sunday morning I packed my bags, said goodbye to my gracious host and headed out with the filmmakers to the official TTFF beach lime.

The ride to Maracs is crazy.  A steep and curvy, barely two-way road up and down the mountainside. I kept chatting with my bus-mates trying to keep my mind off the steep cliff-side not too far out the window. If you know me IRL, you know I’m a nervous nellie on the road. This is the 2nd time I’ve taken this trip and it wasn’t any easier on my nerves. Clearly I’ll  have to come to Maracas more often to conquer my fear. LOL

A few hours of bobbing in the surf, walking across the sand, nyaning bake n shark with an international crew of filmmakers, editors, writers and producers was awesome. Chantal and I even took a moment to stream our first periscope. Not a very smooth sesion (the classic portrait instead of  landscape filming rookie move  lol) with no script in mind but it captures the fun and feeling of the moment.

Sadly, I had a flight to catch so after a few hours of fun in the sun,  it was time to bid everyone adieu. Our awesome driver for the week, Steve (shoutout to Magella Moreau, TTFF’s awesome public relations director for the hookup) enjoyed some bake and shark while I rinsed the sand from my feet and the salt from my hair . He then whisked me straight to Piarco airport for my flight home.

As I slipped on my seat belt and reflected on my week, I realized I’d fallen in love the country. In particular with its’ creative community. So much talent on such a beautiful island. I look forward to future trips and watching as the Trini and Caribbean film industry continues to grow and develop. Big tings a gwan in these parts. Watch de ride!

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*photos & video courtesy of AlysiaSimone