I love a good chune. The right song can turn a boring evening of spring cleaning into a one woman dance party. Or help soothe a fresh tabanca. Oftentimes music will transport you to another time and place. Bringing back memories of long forgotten people and places.

We at RACA love music. Be it hip-hop or soca, R&B or reggae, compas or rock n’ roll, we listen to and appreciate it all. It is in that spirit that we introduce Ah Big Chune Dis! A monthly music playlist that celebrates the many types of music that one hears in the Caribbean diaspora.

This month we kick it off with a few R&B divas. Songs from women with voices that either move your spirit or move your backside. Sometimes both in the same song 🙂 Enjoy!

Are we missing anyone on this list? Who should’ve been included? What chunes would make your R&B diva playlist? Tell me nuh!