This week’s word is DOUGLA.

According to Wikipedia Dougla is: a word used by people of the West Indies, especially in Guyana, Suriname, and Trinidad and Tobago (countries that have a particularly large East Indian population). It is used to describe Caribbean people who are a product of African and East Indian descent.

Growing up in a mixed Guyanese family (Whites, Blacks, East Indians and Amerindians are all represented) I heard this word often. It’s usually used as a way to identify a person. ‘You know Terry-Ann?’ ‘Who?’ Terry-Ann! The dougla girl from up the street’

Though there isn’t a uniform look to all dougla people they do share a few unique characteristics. When I hear the word I automatically think of thick, black, deeply waved hair and rich brown skin with a slight red undertone to it. For those unfamiliar with the look, here are a few images:


Dem pretty nuh? 🙂  Dougla people are just another example of the rich and varied populations to be found in the Caribbean. Move over America, the West Indies are the true melting pot of the world.