Anyone growing up in the Caribbean or with Caribbean culture has heard or asked this question many times over. Simply translated, Where you deh? means Where are you?

Where you deh?

I deh heah.

I deh by me auntie.

I gone over by she.

We deh at de market.

And on…

But we at RACA aren’t only interested in where you are physically  but where you are culturally as well. Members of the Caribbean-American diaspora are scattered all over the globe. And as we travel from place to place our experience living between cultures often colors how and what we learn about new lands and people. Where You Deh? is our take on the traditional travel blog, where we get an inside glimpse of the travels of fellow Caribbean-Americans and explore how their heritage has informed their travel POV. A look at the world through hyphen colored glasses.

First up to share is Karim Spaulding, an American of Jamaican heritage, Karim  left corporate America behind to follow the path less traveled. In his first feature, Karim explores where his desire to travel came from and how he decided to leave the rat race behind.

So Karim, where YOU deh? (click tru fe find out)